Delta/Summit Building

Senior Google Accounts

The Google accounts for all graduating seniors will be deleted on August 1, 2022. If you want to save email and documents from your Google account, you will need to follow instructions provided below and complete this process before August 1, 2022. Please contact tech support if you have questions about this process.


Instructions if you still have your iPad: iPad and Document Info for Seniors


Instructions if you've returned your iPad: Copy content from your school account to another account



Technology Support


Email and Phone Support

Eisenhower High School


708-597-6300 x4585

Richards High School


708-499-2550 x5855

Shepard High School


708-371-1111 x3585

Administrative Center


708-424-2000 x2585

Adult Transition Program


708-424-2000 x2585

Delta Learning Center 


708-371-1986 x6855

Summit Learning Center


708-371-1986 x6855


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