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Michael S. Chitkowski

Hello, my name is Mr. Michael S. Chitkowski, and I have been teaching in Community High School District 218 since 1989.  Currently, I teach English III, English IV: Best Selling Novels (BSN), and English IV:  Man, Myth and Monster (MMM) here at the Delta & Summit Learning Center.  I can be reached at or at 708-371-1880 ext 6203.  My class schedule and Google Classroom codes are listed below.
1st Period                                           English IV:  BSN                                             eetuz4c
2nd Period                                          English III                                                       2kk53u3
3rd Period                                           PLAN/LUNCH
4th Period                                           English III                                                       2kk53u3
5th period                                           English IV:  BSN                                             eetuz4c
6th period                                           English IV:  MMM                                           lksl2ds
English III students also need the following codes:  Membean:  DQEQ7UB             No Red Ink:  local popcorn 66
English IV (BSN) and (MMM) students also need the following code:  No Red Ink:  logical joke 22