Delta/Summit Building

Dr. Lori Mann

Contact Information



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Schedule Information


Time Period School Course Google Classroom Code Remind Code
8:15-9:05 am
1 DLC Spanish for Communication Level I: fccqia2 @dlcspan
      Level IV: eoogwhl @dlcspan
        Native Speakers: oygwuaf @dlcspan
9:10-9:40     travel to Eisenhower H.S.    
9:45-10:40 3 DDE Spanish II wvajdxl @ddespan2
10:45-11:35 4 DDE Spanish II phi7nw2 @ddespan2
11:40-1:25 5, 6 DDE planning time    
1:30-2:20 7 DDE Spanish I omjdc5 @ddespan1
2:25-3:15 8 DDE Spanish II zmr7b2r @ddespan2


Educational Background

  • Bachelors in Spanish and English, Secondary Education – Illinois Wesleyan University, 1997
  • Masters in Reading – Governors State University, 2000
  • Masters in Educational Administration – Governors State University, 2003
  • Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction – Loyola University, 2009


Grading Policy

  • Classwork – 20%
  • Quizzes and Projects – 40%
  • Exams – 40%


Re-take Policy

My goal is for your student to master how to speak Spanish.  Therefore, if your student does not initially do well on an assessment, I want for him/her to re-take that assessment.    My focus is on the students' confidence with speaking.  If they’re not quite there yet, I want for them to know that they are welcome to go back and try again.  


Success is the goal.  As strange as it may sound, grades are secondary to student confidence and success.   Thus, all students may re-take all assessments.  Period.  Furthermore, they may re-take their assessments at any point in the semester.  Re-takes will be scheduled for a mutually convenient time.


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