Delta/Summit Building

COVID Guidance Reminder

The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) is currently reviewing the new COVID guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). IDPH has instructed schools to continue to follow the existing guidelines until it releases updated guidance (please see this press release for more information). Community High School District 218 (CHSD 218) will continue to follow the current guidance and will adjust to the new guidelines when they are released. Here is a short summary of the current guidance:

  • Staff and students who test positive for COVID - 10 day isolation from start of symptoms or positive test (whichever came first)
  • Unvaccinated staff and students who had close contact with confirmed or probable cases - 10 day quarantine from last date of contact with confirmed or probable case
  • Vaccinated staff and students who had close contact with confirmed or probable cases - may continue to work/attend in-person but should test 3-5 days after contact
  • Staff and students experiencing COVID-like symptoms - 10 day isolation pending results of a PCR test; staff/student may return early with a negative PCR test, 24 hours without fever, and 48 hours without diarrhea and/or vomiting; household contacts must quarantine until results of PCR test received
  • At this time, only negative PCR tests can be accepted for return to work/school (PCR tests typically take 2-5 days for results); negative rapid tests and negative at-home tests cannot be accepted for return to work/school
  • At this time, we cannot accept doctor’s notes without negative PCR tests for return to work/school
  • Masks must be worn by students at all times indoors and on busses
  • Students who become symptomatic at school must be picked up by parents/family members–they cannot ride the bus home
  • Do not send students to school if they are feeling ill
  • Please contact your school with any questions

NOTE: New guidance may come as early as this week. We will update all students, staff, and families when the new guidelines are released. 

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