Delta/Summit Building


Hello parents. guardians, students and community members,
My name is Joe Fowler and I am the principal of Delta and Summit Learning Centers and CEP (Continuing Education Program). I am proud to serve as the principal of these three wonderful programs for CHSD 218.  I have been at Delta/Summit/CEP since 2008 after being an administrator at D.D. Eisenhower for 16 years, of which 7 of those years I served as the principal.  I began my career in CHSD 218 at H.L. Richards as a social worker in 1989.  It is truly an honor to serve as the principal of Delta/Summit/CEP for CHSD 218 as we have the opportunity to serve students from across the district who are in need of of a smaller learning environment, more support services, unique scheduling opportunities, and more therapeutic opportunities. The best part of all of our programs is that we see students who come to us struggling in school or life in general and through our staff's hard work and efforts to address individual students needs on a daily basis, we see positive changes over time which lead to success and improvements in their education and personal lives.  There is nothing better than to see a young person who has had struggles turn themselves around and find success.
Thank you and best of luck to all students and their families.
Joe Fowler
708-371-1880 x7510

Assistant Principal
Sam Bacino