To all students, parents, staff, and friends of District 218, welcome to the web page of DELTA LEARNING CENTER, SUMMIT LEARNING CENTER, and the CONTINUING EDUCATION PROGRAM (CEP). After spending my first 3 years at Richards High School as a social worker and the following 16 years at Eisenhower High School as a dean, assistant principal, associate principal, and principal, I have had the pleasure of being at DELTA, SUMMIT, and CEP for the past 8 years. As I begin my 9th year at DELTA, SUMMIT, and CEP and my 28th year in District 218, I am excited to continue serving as the principal of such outstanding programs. I have been fortunate to have worked with so many dedicated, supportive, and caring staff, students and parents. I am proud to have spent my entire career in CHSD 218 and look forward to years ahead.

A strength and unique aspect of all of our programs is that they are small in size and are designed to meet the needs of individual students. The student feedback has supported District 218's dedication to providing a small educational setting for students who have struggled in the larger home schools. Students have told our staff that they like the fact that the program is small because it allows them to focus more, there is "less drama," and they feel like they have more individual attention from all staff. The Delta/Summit/CEP staff are a dedicated and hard working group of individuals who collaborate and support each other to help students find success. The goal of all the programs is to help students work towards graduation requirements, recover credits, discover how to collaborate, problem solve, deal with the issues of life in a positive and mature way, develop their post-secondary plans, and to transition back to their home school. With all of our support programs, continual positive reinforcement, and the incentive programs we have in place, we are always working towards helping our students find success. The staff are very focused on challenging the students academically and working on improving their social emotional learning. As a result, our work with the students is helping them reach their goal of earning a high school diploma and move towards fulfilling their post-secondary goals. Good luck and best wishes for a happy and successful school year!
Assistant Principal
Sam Bacino