Delta/Summit Building

Mr. Steyskal

Hi. I'm James Steyskal- recreational math user, professional sword swallower. I teach high school math to students who don't like high school math and advocate for better math instruction and mental health education whenever possible. My pedagogical mission lately is to help students develop a question before answering it and to create a headache before "offering them the aspirin." I earned my bachelor's degree from Saint Xavier University in Clinical/Counseling Psychology and an additional degree in Math Education from Trinity College. In addition, I received my Master's degree in Educational Leadership from Lewis University. My teaching schedule looks a little something like this:
Period 1: Algebra 2 (8:15 - 9:05), Google Classroom Code: qkyseye
Period 2: Algebra 2 (9:08 - 9:58), Google Classroom Code: g3gcprl
Period 3: Technical Math (10:01 - 10:51), Google Classroom Code: ah5rfs4
Period 4: Algebra 1 (10:54 - 11:44). Google Classroom Code: lojbrwp
Period 5: LUNCH
Period 6: Technical Math: (12:40 - 1:30), Google Classroom Code: ezrjczn
Period 7: After-school tutoring hours (1:33 - 2:23)