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Mr. Steyskal

Hi. I'm James Steyskal- recreational math user, professional sword swallower. I teach high school math to students who don't like high school math and advocate for better math instruction whenever possible. My pedagogical mission lately is to help students develop a question before answering it and to create a headache before "offering them the aspirin." I earned my bachelor's degree from Saint Xavier University in clinical/counseling psychology and an additional degree in math education from Trinity College. My teaching schedule looks a little something like this:
Period 1: Algebra 2M (8:15 - 9:05), Google Classroom Code: r4uq26r
Period 2: Algebra 1M (9:08 - 9:58), Google Classroom Code: o42taxm
Period 3: Technical Math (10:01 - 10:51), Google Classroom Code: bl3mm5f
Period 4: OFF
Period 5: Algebra 2M (11:47 - 12:37), Google Classroom Code: sw5dvj7
Period 6: Algebra 1M: (12:40 - 1:30), Google Classroom Code: rnbzwja
Period 7: After-school tutoring hours (1:33 - 2:23)