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Mr. Driscoll

About Me:



I have been a teacher at Summit Learning Center since 2003.   I received my bachelor’s degree in Special Education from University of Chicago Sate. My first master’s degree in Educational Administration and Leadership from Governors State University. I organize the CAAEL (Chicago Area Alternative Education League). We participate in many sports such as (basketball, flag football, softball, track and field, and volleyball. In addition, we participate in chess, spelling bee, art and trivia completions. In addition, I also organize the intramural program.




Remote Learning:

As we start this school year remotely please find my Google Classroom codes below. As a reminder we will meet on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at the noted time for each of the classes using Zoom. The link for joining the zoom courses can be found by joining the Google Classroom.


2020 and 2021 schedule

1st- Geometry (room 116) Google Classroom code: 2nfmow5


2nd- Applied Math (room 116) Google Classroom code: wrxx4prx4pr

Class code

3rd- Math core (room 106) Google Classroom code: kerkc44s code


4th-Social Studies (room 106) Google Classroom code: ab4thgj


5th- PDS (room 106) Google Classroom code: gthr4iy


6th- Geometry (room 116) Google Classroom code: avuchme