Governors State University
B.A. Elementary Education
Trinity Christian College
M.A. Special Education
Classes Taught:
  • 45 Day Placement
  • Algebra 1 Core
Grading Policy:
  • Major Unit Assessments – 65%
  • Quizzes, standardized test practice, concept checks – 20%
  • Class work – 15%

Test and Quiz Policy:

Quizzes will cover one section at a time. Students will be allowed to do quiz corrections for half credit, but these must be done with Mr. Connelly outside of instructional time. Tests will be given at the end of each unit. If a student does not earn an acceptable score they will be allowed to retest after remediation.  Students must arrange a time outside of class time to take a retest or make-up a missed quiz or test due to an absence.

Contact Information:
(708) 371-1986 Ext. 7118